Top Reasons to Sign up with a 100% Commission Brokerage

Are you a real estate agent looking for a brokerage in which to grow your career? Tired of brokers who demand too much in commissions and/or fees? Maybe you should look into 100% commission brokerages.

Yes, 100%

A 100% commission brokerage is completely as it sounds – a brokerage that lets you keep your commission hundred percent, need to split it with anybody. Certainly, this is accompanied by all the typical advantages of a brokerage, like having a wide network of contacts, an office, support, and the rest.


Joining a 100% commission brokerage allows you to run your business however you want to. That means you have more flexibility running the affairs of your business, whether it’s meeting up with leads or closing a deal, all while keeping a healthy social life.

Office Convenience

Working with a 100% commission brokerage comes with the convenience of managing all your documents in one place. That’s because you will have access to a virtual back office that maintains all of your paperwork.

Complete Transparency

One of the reasons many agents break away from typical brokerages is a lack of transparency regarding broker charges and fees. They may have to pay for E & O insurance, for instance, or charges for not using services that the brokerage offers in-house. It’s natural for agents to want to know exactly what they’re paying with every transaction. Agents desire the freedom to charge varying charges for different services, making the 100% commission principle extremely attractive to them.

Payment at Closing

Many 100% commission brokerages, through the help of their transaction coordinator, will make sure that you also get installment as your transaction reports are forwarded and approved.

No Pressure

Many conventional brokerages, to compensate for losses, insist that agents use their in-house transaction service, which often comes with additional charges collected from the agents. Agents who have been in the industry for a while have surely built relationships that help them improve their services, so the last thing they need is their broker manipulating them to patronize their in-house services. They can work on their own and perform even better.

No Quota

The idea behind 100% commission brokerages is to allow agents to work together while keeping to their desired pace and level. Regardless of your goal – 2 or 200 sales in a month – you enjoy support that is tailored to your needs, rather than something ready-made with quotas that may not be in accordance with your own plans. It’s not uncommon for big-firm agents to feel somehow forgotten or left out. In contrast, agents in a 100% commission brokerage always receive individual attention, depending on their specific needs.

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