What You Should Look For When Purchasing a Safe Room Door

If you think safety rooms are reserved for the rich and famous, you got it all wrong. More security-conscious homeowners have fueled the rising demand as these rooms enter the mainstream, and the natural result is a decrease in their prices.

Definitely, your goal for having a safe room will tell you what type of safe room is right for you. If you’re thinking of safety during a home invasion, you can have an upstairs bedroom converted for the protection of the whole family. If you have firearms or valuables that you want to secure, go for an underground bunker. If it’s weather challenges you’re preparing for, such as a tornado or hurricane, then a reinforced closet can provide short-term safety.

And regardless of what part of you’re home you’re planning to convert, begin with finding a good safe room door. Besides, this is what usually stands between you and the threat.

Instant Access

A lock that is too complex can prevent you from seeking protection before an intruder gets a hold of you. So before you purchase a safe room door, check if the door can be easily opened. Of course, this is possible with the use of special technology, such as biometrics. Always remember how crucial speed is when it comes to emergency situations.


If you’ve spent a lot of time and money building a strong structure for your safety room, you don’t want to weaken it by adding an inferior door. Therefore, you need to make a very careful choice. There are countless techniques used to secure door locks, but unfortunately, there are also as many ways to get around them. Look for a door that is certified forced-entry resistance. It may be good to start off with something basic, but you should be given an option to upgrade to a UL level 5 standard door, such as steel composite armor plating. Look for a professional you can trust and ask for their assistance in exploring your options.

Vault-Style Lock Mechanism

Get a safety room door that relies on a mechanical lock system commonly used to secure those big vaults installed in banks. With this mechanical method, you get unparalleled protection from the inside, and no criminal can get in the way you are able to. In addition, you will not be dependent on a power supply, which is probably not available in an invasion or any kind of emergency.

More Tips

There are several things you should ensure when setting up your safety room. For instance, you need a wired communication line so you can communicate outside in case you can’t use your cell phone for any reason. You should have adequate food and water and some wireless hidden cameras in key positions all over the room. Definitely, a TV is necessary inside the room to allow you to view stream.

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