The Bollywood Movies that You Cannot Miss to Watch

There is need to realize the Bollywood movies are gaining demand each day.The Bollywood is coined from the word Bombay and Hollywood.It is important to that these kinds of movies originate from Indian culture that has seen more films produced in every year.Below is list of movies that are associated with the Bollywood.

A person who has an interest in watching should consider the Padmaavat.This movie is drama flick which was released this year in the month of January.The movie is set in Medieval and it gives a storyline about Queen Padmavati.In this case, the queen is known for her beauty and justice views.In the movie you will realize there is war concerning beauty.There is need to note that visual brought out by this movie they are so breathtaking.You need to know the Padmaavat is one of the nice Bollywood movies in the market.

The Newton is also a movie which is you can consider for you watch.This movie was released last year in the month of September.The movie is built on the premise that a government worker is set to place that is unruly to discharge election duties.There is need to know that the scripts of the movies takes a written form and its acting is so good.There are moments of funny and cinematography by considering this movie.

There is need to note the parched movie can also be a good one for your watching.The storyline of the movies is that there is a sex worker, widow and childless woman who are struggling to make ends meet.The issue dealt with in this movie is alcoholic husbands, abuses and child marriage.It is good to note the experiences these women undergo can be linked to the fact that women are treated as objects meant for sex only.

The Bollywood that is you must watch is dangal.This is an inspiring movie that you will have an interest to watch.By the fact that Khan has no boy child, he is forced to have his two daughters trained how to wrestle.The important thing about the two daughter is that make history and go against the taboo that women should not be trained how to wrestle.You will realize this movie is well shot and the actors and actresses perform it in a manner that it is interesting.

The three idiots is another movie which you will not regret watching.The movie is specifically directed to those who love to watch drama and comedy.The movie is both witty and wild when you watch it.