Assisting a Child Who Hates School

It is common for most of the children to always whine about going to school because it interferes with the fun they have at home. It becomes a great concern when a child regularly insists that he/she does not want to go to school anymore. It is your task as a parent to investigate and determine what made the deeds of your child change suddenly. This is so because some of the children like keeping things to themselves about what may be happening. Below are some of the steps of assisting a child who starts to hate school click here for more.
To begin with, you should check the social life if your child at school. You should check if your child is having fights with his/her classmates. If you find out that there are some fights, talk to the school counsellor and find a way to resolve this. You can try the reconciliation way so that there can be peace between them. Also check out if there are instances of bullying in the school. If your child is being bullied, he/she will be afraid to go to school as there will be always fear of what might happen to him at school. You should talk to the management about the bullying so that students who are bullying will be disciplined or suspended.

Next, you should check how your child performs at school. It is vital to look at the performance cards of your child to see his/her progress. You should also check out the assignments he/she is given and how she performs. To give your child morale, always congratulate him/her where she performs well. Where the child does not perform well, you should assist him/her. Helping your child in doing some of the homework or projects will also boost his/her morale. If the child dropped his/her performance, always encourage him that there is room for improve next time. Advise your child that there are other ways of making it in life, education is one of them.

Finally, maybe your child is not comfortable with the teaching ways of his/her teacher. You should inquire from your child about his/her teachers. You should find out if he/she objects to any of the teaching methods. Once you find out that the issue is the teacher, you can talk to the management of the school to sort the issue out. You should find from your child if it is the attention of the teacher he/she is not getting as she wants. It is important to give your child techniques of attracting the teacher’s attention like by raising his/her hand.