Door Entry Systems – Know How They Can Safeguard Your Business or House

In today’s hard economic times, plenty of homeowners and businesses are worried about the rise in crime rates. As a consequence of this, they are taking action to guarantee the safety of their property: an important aspect of this is the setup of an effective door entry system.

Door entry systems refers to mechanical or electronic methods that control access to a house: They can also be called door safety systems or door access methods. Though they used to be mostly by big businesses or in large-scale residential developments, advances in technology combined with greater efficiency in mass production ways have ensured that a homeowner with a modest income can implement some form of door entrance system, resulting in an ability to manage access to his or her property, and an increased sense of security.

As pointed out, a door entry system may be set up in buildings or building complexes of different sizes. The simplest form are the intercom systems which can be set up for protection of single properties: these allow the homeowner to permit access after either talking to the visitor through an intercom, viewing them through a video display, or a combination of the two. The next one up the scale are the low rise systems are used for moderate sized business buildings with g numerous offices or entrance points. Lastly, higher rise systems are complex systems that allow access management for full-scale high rise housing developments and large business buildings with a number of offices and entrance points, or even sites with numerous business buildings in close proximity to each other.

Despite the size of property under protection, there are a variety of types of door entry system that one could use. The most basic one is a very simple intercom system: that allows the resident to speak to the visitor via an intercom. Video entry systems are an extension of intercom systems that add the function of letting the resident see the visitor, through a conveniently placed video monitor.

For huge organizations, keycard or Keypad systems might be better since they allow more independence for the visitor: rather than depending on the resident to grant entry, access could be obtained from punching a number into a keypad or swiping a card through a card reader. Not only does this leave the resident free to do other things instead of track accessibility, the latter may allow varying levels of access, granting entry to some parts of a building but denying it to others. In this way, the movement of different groups of people or employees can be controlled easily.

An advancement in this field is the greater implementation of proximity detectors. Here, visitors only carry an object that enables access. When the visitor or employee comes near the proximity sensor, it detects that object and opens the doorway. This method is especially beneficial in loading bays where it’s desirable that motorists can access a place without having to leave their vehicles.

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