How to Give Feedback In The Right Manner

Research has proven that the best performance teams will be identified by the fact that they can give six positive comments for each negative one that is made. The worst will make three negative ones for each positive comment. Giving performance feedback is integral in helping people to improve. As you keep reading, you will be able to click on how to give out feedback in a way that does not hurt morale.

Always choose to accent the positive. You will learn that effective feedback is more than just feeding back on the performance areas. This is brought about by the fact that you will always have something positive to say. Accenting the positive will always form the basis for positive discussions that aim at enhancing the chances of improving. Giving positive feedback will always improve performance. In the event that you show an employee that they have had a positive impact in the business, you will be showing that they are worth valuing and thus they will have the chance to have confidence in you. Always learn to find opportunities to acknowledge and note improvements or effort whenever you can. Always aim at being specific. It is always helpful to have general criticism. However, a general praise will not indicate the action that you want to cultivate in someone. It is important that you learn how to measure the performance when offering feedback. This will allow the employees to note where their shortfall might be.

It is important that you focus on the things that they have done and not who they are. Always learn to make your feedback be based on the actions of the employee rather than his intentions or values. This will make them feel more comfortable in a way that allows them to focus on the changes that they have to make instead of defending their hurt feelings. It is through this that they will be encouraged. Let sincerity guide your criticism. Well-intentioned criticisms will always lead to positive responses. This positive feedback can be brought about by a history of sincerity. Such a reputation will often build mutual trust. Make sure that this feedback is instant.

Check their understanding. It is necessary that you lay your expectations clearly majorly through training them. Feel free to let them go if it will serve them better. Always learn to ask a number of questions and listen too. It gives you the opportunity to be in the same thinking environment with them. Aim at learning to seek permission to give feedback. Reach an agreement on how to realize your visions and timescales. You can also ask for feedback on the performance feedback you have given.

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