What US Citizens Should Know

Some people commit crimes without even knowing it but this is a situation that one can avoid when they know the law. One of the ways to stay out of jail is by being knowledgeable about the law. One can take photos in public but one is not allowed take them in private places since it is against the law. The only request that one can accept is when one meets an officer who requests to see one’s licence and registration. One can refuse an officer’s request that does not include licence and registration and this is the right of a citizen.

One has the right to refuse an officer who wants to search a car if they are not comfortable with this.Officers do not ask for permission to search a car when they have probable cause and this is within their right. An instance where an officer may be forced to search a car is if they think that one is committing a crime. One of the ways to get more information about one’s rights is to read more about probable cause if one is a driver. Officers can also search houses when one gives permission for this. When one is arrested from their home police officers can search a house to get additional evidence. One can have accomplices and this is why officers may search a property to find these people after they have made an arrest on an individual.

Illegal items that are in plain view give a police officer reason to search a house. People hiding from police officers can go into a house and in this case, a warrant will not be necessary. When driving, one should avoid using their phone because one can get a fine. Since the punishment for driving while using a phone varies from state to state, one needs to learn more information about this when they do research about their state laws on this. US citizens have the right to remain silent when a police officer is speaking to them if they do not want to answer them. The reason that some people choose to remain silent is so that one will not give incriminating information against themselves.

When making an arrest, it is the work of a police officer to ensure that they tell the person they are arresting that they have the right to remain silent. One will get legal representation if they cannot be able to afford a lawyer after they have been arrested. One can read more about the law to avoid getting caught in a compromising situation. Citizens who are informed about their legal rights will be better off and this is why one should be keen on getting more information about their legal rights.