Woocommerce has gained immense recognition inside the recent years and its particular popularity will not be hidden from anybody. It is one of many world’s favorite eCommerce systems, set with all basic and advanced features. Actually, WooCommerce can be a WordPress plugin, yes it can be a plugin which converts WordPress into an internet based shopping store.

Highly flexible and intuitive, it possesses a great user-friendly interface with power packed features. To make it simple for the online stores, Woocommerce took one step forward to let anyone open an e-commerce store within a few moments. Let us dig deep into WooCommerce theme development tutorial and avail the main advantages of this super plugin totally free:

Significance of WooCommerce

Since WordPress works in making all sorts of portals, Woocommerce might help online retailers to make their webshop with advanced safety measures. Also, with Woocommerce you are able to keep a history of monthly sales, taxes and lifestyle. With the increasing popularity of digital media, folks are investing their in time creating unique internet retailers. And how’s that possible? With Woocommerce, custom theme development is performed which even start-ups can avail. Here are mental performance blowing features:

1. It is an open source content management system
2. To avail the modern features and options, some amount is needed whereas principle features cost nothing. So to develop your own shopping store, WordPress Woocommerce site is often a cost-effective business design.
3. The shopping cart software is secured to present an enjoyable experience.
4. Ample of themes are around to choose from which promote easy customization.
5. To enhance the functionality, infinite features and lists could be added accordingly
6. Featured with multi-shipping gateway to produce the products in several countries.

Also, the multi-payment option allows paying via varied platforms.

What is Woocommerce Theme Development?

Woocommerce can be a CMS that’s integrated within WordPress to make available an easy shopping platform towards the e-retailers. By building a custom theme in Woocommerce, you receive an astounding theme for that reason which can then be used to develop your own store. With Woocommerce, you actually can expect your small business to grow by a lot but only when the theme development is up to your mark, attractive and it has all the important features highlighted. The most essential features which every theme should have are:

Beautiful layout in the website that if the viewers see feel happy and spend more period in exploring your products range.
To provide an amazing shopping experience, the web site must have categories and subcategories in order that people can restrict the filters.
A gorgeous looking website increases the chances for conversions and purchasers.
Integration of Google Analytics for better tracking
Quick loading of pages dropping the bounce rate.

Woocommerce theme development is just not that challenging you may think. All it your time and efforts to kick-start the full process plus the results are awesome when:

WordPress and Woocommerce both of them are installed your desktop
Basic know-how of Woocommerce themes. If you don’t have, browse the tutorials to acquire some knowledge.
Proper understanding of HTML and CSS to change the coding part.

Steps to Woocommerce Theme Development

Let us now focus on creating Woocommerce themes mainly because it will give you complete treating how you would like website to look.

Declaring Woocommerce Support

To begin with setting up a WooCommerce theme, it is very important declare Woocommerce support first. It is to ensure the users will get a pop up inside the WordPress dashboard to mention the Woocommerce plugin development doesn’t secure the theme. To create or establish a theme, this holds an essential importance. If you want to declare the support, add this coding in a very functions.php file inside the theme:

Now after declaring the support, you should start setting up a WooCommerce theme. Since Woocommerce is full of handsome features, you may use the default styles to produce new styles from their store. Once you are done updating the Woocommerce plugin, you may lose each of the changes if any modification is completed to the original files. I would suggest not editing any file rather develop a new file to overrule the prevailing files inside source theme directory. Two steps are there to build new file:

Create a custom CSS

If the alterations are of the small level, next the method works.

Create a whole new CSS file
Name it: custom-woocommerce.css
Save it inside the directory wp-content/themes//css
Now within the foundation.php, include this.css file

Lastly to override the default style, add your CSS to the file.

The second method is to build a WordPress child theme. Basically, child theme provides the features and functions of some other theme that’s called as parent theme. To change default themes, child themes are important.

Create a WordPress child theme

Create the kid theme directory and add “-child” in order to avoid compilation errors. Make sure never to leave any space within the name.
Put it under wp-content/themes
Create a youngster theme header
Now enqueue your child and parent theme stylesheets

It is perhaps all ready! You need to activate your child theme now by logging in the site’s admin panel. Navigate to Administration panel>appearance>themes. Here, you may see your child theme ready for activation.